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"o'reilly factor" with continuing coverage from captioned by closed captioning services, inc. eve >> bill: i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching this special edition of "the factor." the senate vote in massachusetts. no talking points this evening because we simply don't know what we are talking about. the polls now closed in the bay states but no results yet because there was no exit polling in massachusetts today, interesting. so we are flying blind right now. the last poll by politico had republican scott brown up by 9 over the democrat martha coakley and if it turns out to be true the american political landscape will change dallasically. we have a lot to talk about for the next hour and we begin with the intense voight today i vote bay state. >> thank you. >> i'm going to call -- this is a violation of my rights, my
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civil rights which we still have in spite of nasties like you. >> thank you, rush nazi did you get that? >> get out of here. >> i believe there is -- >> you're touching me is, that legal? >> get out of our office. >> excuse me,. i'm trying to. there is a man in front of me,. so many wonderful people here just being part of something very, very special. >> i ask for your vote tomorrow. i would be honored to go to washington and to work for you and with you. >> i thought it was inappropriate that she started asking for people's votes when we were trying to remember martin luther king, jr. >> i think there is a lot of anger out there and no question about it. he should be directing it at
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the prior administration. >> okay. now, throughout the hour if we get any hard data we will give it to you immediately. now, let's go up to boston where fox news anchor bret baier and chief political correspondent carl cameron are standing by. karl, you are at brown -- carl, you are at brown headquarters and i got word that the salinda for coakley, is a lake has now given somebody on the internet an interview where bleways the white house blue it for martha coakley. pretty stunning because ms. lake is the internal pollster. of course, they were polling all day and we understand that the polling is a dead heat and we don't know whether that is true or not but that is what the word is on the streets of boston. for her to give an interview to the net saying if we lose it is the white house fault, that is not a good sign. take it away.
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>> there has been a spat in democratic politics in massachusetts since the day martha coakley was nominated in the special election primarily a couple of months back. the white house when president obama was up here on sunday, bill, was putting out word to reporters all over washington they weren't sure if coakley could win and they wouldn't be surprised if she lost. today we went to the polling places and talked to the election officials in the major cities outside boston. turnout is high, particularly in republican areas. a lot of the folks we talked to were coakley voters and they got disaffected by her campaign attitude and didn't like the campaign went and felt like the democrats had a sense of entitlement. we were talking to democrats. this is the kind of intensity for scott brown that may prove hard for her to evercome. the place is packed and they are buzzing and expecting to
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win. talking to coakley staffers and campaign folks and even coakley voters today, bill, they are hoping that she can pull it out. a big difference, expecting to win, hoping to pull it out. >> bill: any word on boston which is the big dog, of course, in massachusetts where all the people live, turnout in boston proper? how was it? >> well, turnout so far, bill, has been characterized by the secretary of state here as being high, over 50% across the state. little bit less we are hearing anecdoteally in the inner city of boston and more in th in the suburbs which would bode well for brown. i want to go back to the salinda comment. she said if brown wins tonight it is because congress and the white house did not go after wall street. if martha coakley manages to
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pull it out, squeak it out, it will largely many people believe because the white house focused on the bank tax and changed the dynamic in the last few days to say that scott brown was against the bank tax that president obama unveiled and they hit hard in the ads on that. you may see that as one of the reasons coakley's pollster is saying this. however, you are right, it doesn't bode well as far as optimism when she is also asked about white house chief of staff rahm emanuel and says there is a circling squad from the white house blaming martha coakley for being a bad candidate. >> bill: look, we have to make it clear to the audience watching now that we expect to get rapid results from massachusetts, by the way, because it is a sophisticated state, it as small state and boston is as i said the population center and those things will rapidly mount. when we get them we will give them to you. the momentum definitely with the challenger scott brown. i call him the challenger
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because massachusetts and i worked there for some years, is so democratic and is to liberal that even if coakley win there's is chaos within the democratic ranks, carl. let me ask you this question -- >> oh. >> oh, yeah. >> bill: if coakley pulls it out is that delegate t going te anything at the white house or with ms. pelosi or mr. reid, is that going change their tactics? >> even if coakley does pull it out tonight the total effect of how close scott brown has been and in fact in the lead has terrified democrats. and it is not just nancy pelosi because frankly she will be safe with her reelection in san francisco. it is the blue dog democrats in the house who are worried that there are shirts running in red congressional districts or states and they are moderate in their ideology and here you have a state in massachusetts where democrats won but i, boy, they are vulnerable. democrats are worried about it in the house and in the senate
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folks like blanche lincoln and ben nelson who look at this and think if we can't win creasely in a state like, massachusetts, where it is an entirely democratic congressional state, where republicans are outnumbered by democrats in terms of the registered vote three to one, if democrats can't win here tonight and they think win easily, they could lose a lot of places. >> bill: win or lose, carl thinks the culture will have to change some what in washington. do you agree with that, bret, because there are people who say -- >> i think so, bill. >> bill: the obama people put out stuff that say even if brown wins we are not changing we will say charge ahead on healthcare and do what we do. this is what the obama people are saying but you are saying that is not what is going to happen, go ahead, bret. >> they will be forced to, bill. they won't change perhaps their blueprint, the way they will go about things but there will be moderate democrats so spooked by this election that they will
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really reevaluate their position on a number of things. if you remember, there are a number of house democrats who went out on a limb for cap and trade legislation and voted for it. they were fighting, you know, a lot of flowback from their districts. now, this with massachusetts, the bluest of blue states where even if brown comes within one or two points and it is a tight race and coakley pulls it out, there will be reverberations and republican candidates get to be named to be in the 2010 election. >> bill: in massachusetts right now there are 150,000 dead people still on o the voting rolls. just a fact i pulled throughout. i don't know how much got out in bad weather today but 150,000 dead people still registered to vote in massachusetts. guys, thanks very much. coming right back with newt gingrich on how america will change if the democrats lose
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ted kennedy's seat. the spooker is next.
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>> bill: continuing with this special edition of "the factor." joining us from washington, fox news analyst newt gingrich and author of the book rediscovering god in america. whatever happens tonight, mr. speaker, america will change. let's take a brown victory first. what do you think that will happen if brown wins in massachusetts? >> the first thing ought to be that every republican in the country ought to look at every district and every senate seat. you said a few weeks ago that it wasn't even going to be close people -- that it was even going to be close, people would have laughed at you. he has the courage to be an active state electo legislatore he is outnumbered and brave enough to run for the seat.
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you are in the middle of this tremendously big health bill. this is ted kennedy's seat. it is massachusetts. even the idea that this is close and my personal hunch is he will win tonight. even if it stays very, very close as carl cameron said, democrats are going to be shaking all over the country to have this kind of result. >> bill: no doubt. and i have some new data. among voters cited in the last few days, coakley broke 47-41. good news for mar who coakley but 22% of democrats in massachusetts voted for brown. that is good news for brown. i can't really decipher anything from that other than it will be very, very close. not going to be a blowout on either side. if soakly wins around we got -- if coakley wins, and some people believe it and some people don't, if coakley wins,
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business as usual. they will ram home the healthcare, obama care. they will go on to try to get cap and trade and do their liberal talking points and that is it, let the chips fall where they may. >> you know, i watched both joe leiberman and evan bayh today, both of whom said that the democrats better take this election seriously and they better understand how deep the anger of the american people is. i do believe that at the level of rahm emanuel, president obama, pelosi and reid they are going to run the machine as hard as they can as long as they can get away with it. the question is going to be at the margin whether they start losing members. remember, speaker pelosi barely got the healthcare bill out of the house the first time. after what we have seen, democrat dick snyder behind in the polls last week decided to retire. democrat in cincinnati behind, 17 points in the poll yesterday. democrat in michigan, behind 7
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points in the poll this morning. harry reid behind by 10 points in nevada. there is a point where the american people, the will of the american people begins to have a big impact and at the margins people just start saying no, i'm not going to vote with you, i can't do this. we will see whether or o not -- >> bill: because pelosi only got it passed by three votes was it or six votes. if what you say is true and everybody is going be scared no matter what happens, if brown wins they know there is a rebellon and if coakley wins by one or two, they know that every democrat seat is in trouble she is never going to get it, they will never get it passed through the house. >> i have always thought that this was much harder than people expected because you take a 2,000-page bill from the house and a 2500-page bill from the senate and go off to a bunch of secret negotiations and nobody knows what you are doing and how it is scored and who it affects and then you go out and say so marginal members
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trying to run for reelection, why don't you put your neck on the line for this secret document that the big boys all created and it gets harder and harder. we are a long way from concluding this. it is obviously better for the president and better for the democrats if coakley wins although in an ironic way it may mislead them into underestimating them how angry the country is. my sense is in a week when you had governor mcdonald sworn in in virginia and governor crist yep in new jersey. it wouldn't hurt the democrats to slow down a little bit and look carefully at the message being sent them by the american people. >> bill: is there any difference between 1994 when the same thing happened to bill clinton and now? personality? , president clinton, president obama, are they different? >> a lot of differences. the most sobering is one i saw a column last week where the
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point was made that there have been 12 months in even numbered years, years with elections, there have been 12 months since world war ii where unemployment was above 8%. charlie cook made this point. all 12 months were in 1982 and we got clobbered and lost 29 seats. now, you going to have every month this year unemployment above 8% and may well be above 9% and could be at 10% or higher. if that is true the democrats have a much tougher environment than the democrats had in 1994 and that is the first big difference. the country's angrier, more worried. the problems are bigger than they were in 1994 and if that continues to be true, you could see an election much bigger than 1994 by the time we get around to november. >> bill: is the hyper media, the 24 hour news service, the net where yew can get information every -- where you can get information every
8:17 pm
second, i think that also heightens all the political tensions in the country. >> i don't think we found a new generation of politicians who learned how to live with it and deal with it. every generation of politicians has to find a way to cope with the communications media of their generation. whether franklin roosevelt on radio or john f. kennedy on television. the fascinating thing to me the last ten days is scott brown was raising a million dollars a day on the internet. an all-time record for a senate candidate. >> bill: thanks very much. we appreciate it. in a moment, barack and a place.ard crowley and colmes have thoughts, directly ahead. national car rental knows i'm always in a rush.
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>> bill: my spy in boston says 4% of the vote counted and brown is ahead 52-47. means nothing. could be his mom and dad voting in the precinct. 4%, 52-47 brown. my spy in boston. in barack and a hard place segment tonight. the president traveled to massachusetts on sunday to rally support for martha coakley and if ms. congressly loses tonight the president will most likely lose as well but that is not how the white house spun it today. >> i think there is a
8:21 pm
tremendous amount of upset and anger in this country about where we are economically, that is not a surprise to us in this administration because jake, in many ways we are here because of that upset and anger. that upate and anger quite frankly dates farther back than simply the 2008 election. >> bill: blaming the bush guys again. with us now, al allen colmes ad monica crowley. >> your guess? >> brown by 4% because i am an educated guesser. he had 20 to 25% of the democratic vote, though. >> bill: 22% according to rasmussen. >> and that would be a difficult thing for coakley to overcome. >> bill: if he gets 65% of the
8:22 pm
unintended voters or what do they call it up there? >> unaffiliated. >> kimberly: what do you know. >> i don't know. >> bill: millions of people watch you all over the world and we pay you a salary and i get an answer to a question of i don't know. couldn't a six-year-old give that answer? >> they could but they wouldn't look this good in a suit. could go either way. >> bill: how much are we paying you? you don't know and it could go either way. how much am i paying you? >> not as much as you make, o'reilly. it could go either way. 50/50. >> bill: it is a cliche. >> i don't know who is going to win. >> bill: i got it. take a deep breath. back to you. >> back to the educated guesser. >> bill: the educated guess person. >> right. >> bill: if brown pulls it out we have a situation where i believe all hell is going to break loose tomorrow. i think president obama is
8:23 pm
going to get hammered from his own party. in fact there is a demonstration, i don't know if you know this, the code is demonstrating that he is not liberal enough in front of the white house. he will get it from his own party and from the people in the election. >> and before the race all of the chaos was on the democratic side. chaos on the healthcare bill. chaos and cap and trade. chaos on pretty much all of the president's policies which in the end they end up backing. look at the debate over healthcare they are still at each other's throats. if brown wins tonight -- >> bill: we talke talked aboutt look, if he only got it through by three votes pelosi and if this comes up even if coakley wins she is going to -- >> if she wins even by a small margin the republican will claim victory. all of what has been said, i don't believe this is a referendum on obama. they already have healthcare. they got it under romney who was surprisingly absent during
8:24 pm
this campaign. they are not thinking about healthcare and they don't want to pay extra tax dollars for other people's healthcare. this is not a referendum to the extent it was expressed so far. >> bill: but obama goes up there and puts his credibility on the line. salinda lake, goes on the net and says hey, the white house fault if we lose. that is not good sign. >> giuliani on the right or obama on the left, massachusetts voters are not -- >> bill: what about salinda lake. >> rudy giuliani is not president of the united states. barack obama is. he put his credibility on the line. >> bill: what about is salinda lake going on the net before the polls even closed and blaming the white house if we lose. >> saying it is the white house's fault if we don't lose. what happened last year in new jersey and virginia and pennsylvania where republicans swept across the board was not an abration, bill. and even if scott brown loses
8:25 pm
by a razor thin margin, it will show that the american people are mad as hell and we are not going to take it any more. >> they have to pay attention to the anger in america. >> why do you think they are angry, colmes? >> because they don't like incumbency. whoever is in office they will be angry at. the flipside, let me finish this is that republicans can't two so crazy and take this for granted and get arrogant and decide 2010 mid-term elections we are going to win now. you risk going overboard. >> oh, like you guys did. what we are looking at is going from one change election to another, bill. >> bill: and very quick cycle. >> and a quick turn around and that is because 2008 was not a great embrace of the far left, the kinds of poll sits that obama escaped spoused since he has been in office for the last year. 2008 was largely a repudiation of george w. bush. we are still is center right country. this administration and congress has been so far left
8:26 pm
they have taken the country off the cliff. >> so far left keeping guantanamo bay, so far left -- they have not been so far left. they could have been worse things. >> bill: you don't think president obama is going be damaged if brown wins. >> i think it would not be to his favor. he could be slightly hurt. >> bill: how much damage to you think. >> that is an understatement. i think this is tremendous. >> 40% job approve ral? >> probably. he will achieve george w. bushness of 40% job approve 58 quicker than bush did. >> bill: i not new numbers. 7% of the vote counted in massachusetts, brown 51 and coakley 48. okay. thanks very much. we appreciate it. plenty more ahead as "the factor" moves along. the french are criticizing the u.s. military in haiti. are you kidding me? geraldo has thoughts. and then we will go back to boston hopefully.
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[ male announcer ] if you cannot afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. >> bill: there are now approximately 4,000 american military people on the ground in haiti and another 7,000 expected but predictably some ever criticizing america's effort to help the devastated country. we told you hugo chavez doesn't want the u.s. military troop there's and now a french official is now criticizing our
8:30 pm
presence. can you believe these pinheads. especially in france. they give $14 million as opposed to great britain, $33 million. the usa $250 million to $500 million and these guys have the unmitigated gal to criticize our military for providing security? >> i think it is prepostorrous and i also think the french president is rejecting the criticism of the one minister. >> bill: has to be the guillotine. he don't want to see his head cut off but i want him in there. >> bill: i was. >> i was at the airport and i was underwhelmed by the french contribution. >> bill: hugo chavez one plane. >> he at least is sending over 200,000-gallons of diesel fuel through the dominican republic. but hugo chavez is antiamerican and a yankee hater and he goes for the effect for the
8:31 pm
burlesque of that. haiti used to be a french colony and you would expect them to be more concentrated in their efforts now. the need is the most dire. >> bill: geraldo told me off camera before we started the segment this is the worst thing we have seen because the area is so small and the death is about 200,000 so you can imagine the impact. >> and there is death on every block and haiti a nation where the per capita income is $300 is also an extremely young nation. more babies and young children. a lot of the parents are dead from the adriano epidemic. many of -- from the aids epidemic. many families are split up because of the refugee situation. >> bill: it was a broken country before. >> a dysfunctional government. i think to call it a government is a gross everstatement. it is corrupt and on the verge
8:32 pm
of anarchy can. >> bill: i said and the left wing went nuts criticizing us and all of our coverage. i said that this is a noble nation. the united states takes the lead. >> these soldiers omaha bank want to help. >> bill: and we had to them to help and in a nation that was racked by rioting in 2004 and in 2008 they had food rioting. they have been hit by three hurricanes in a row. by a torrential downpour that kills thousands of people. this is akro akrontry a countre of absolute chaos. the united nations which has a huge relief evangelicals fort there was decimated by the earthquake. the 200 top guys there tied in the earthquake. >> bill: 9% of votes count the in the bay state and brown
8:33 pm
ahead by five points. brown 52 and coakley 47. very early but we will keep you up to date. we have been trying to get the u.s. military and it is difficult because the pentagon is overwhelmed. a hotel montana ha that's 19 american there's. the hotel was destroyed but they believe there are some people still trapped in there and could be alive because there might be water and food in the hotel. trying to get the pentagon to go over there but it is impossible to move around in that country. >> more importantly, we have some search and rescue teams from new york city, and from other municipalities. >> we got to get to the hotel, montana. >> the 82nd airborne has no heavy lift capacity and no bulldozers. >> bill: but get them there and see if anybody is alive that is the first step. we called the pentagon again, i'm not blaming the pentagon but i'm sending a message here we got to get americans to the hotel, montana, in the foothills of port-au-prince.
8:34 pm
19 americans in there. and, you know, we to find out if there is anybody alive in there. >> we also have to get these orphans out. >> are 800 orphans. >> bill: and that should be -- >> many have already been adopted by american families. >> bill: that is two plans. get them out. >> and it is the state department's fault. with all due retext to the secretary of state, the state department is insisting that they have documentation but it is all in the ruined buildings. >> bill: get the babies out of there and we will deal with that later. get the kids out and sort it out later. get the kids where they can get milk and food. >> bill: there is always red tape. we are blaming the government, even though we feel it is noble. >> broken bodies, little children with limbs that have to be amputated. this it is the most urgent circumstance you could imagine. >> bill: when you there were, did you see anything other than the children that the usa should improve upon right now?
8:35 pm
>> i think that the army corps of engineers should be working with the marines to get heavy equipment ashore. admittedly the port is a wreck. still, you can get heavy equipment ashore. >> bill: get in through the port. >> let the tractors come ashore. let the heavy equipment come ashore. use your amphibious capability to get the heavy lift we need. this is giving out, you know, you feed a person and 12 hours later they are hungry. give them a bottle of water and six hours late are they need another bottle of water. the world has done a trickle and we need a torrent of relief. >> bill: when we come back, now the aclu wants information about missiles killing terrorists, the drones. is it legal? investigating that. and then we take you back to boston as the very important vote there continues. right now, brown is up five. we'll be right back. anncr vo: with the new geico glovebox app...
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>> bill: all right, the numbers in massachusetts coming in fast and furious. a new round in a moment. thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly in the is it legal segment tonight. if martha coakley loses in massachusetts the democrats lose the filibuster proof majority in the senate. that is big. we asked the is it legal team. kimberly guilfoyle. so let's go to the new numbers first, though, okay. throw them up there for me.
8:39 pm
18% reporting. brown 52, coakley 47. same five but now 18, almost 20% of the vote counted. see that would be 18, almost 20%. i am a genius. >> imagine that. >> bill: but brown leads by five. this guy kirk was appointed to ted kennedy's seat but as soon as either coakley or brown wins he is toast but not until he is certified or what -- >> qualified. >> bill: qualified? what does that mean? >> my head was hurting today. if you are democrat you say qualified under massachusetts law means you to be certified and you have to accept to be sworn into the senate. >> bill: how long will that take. in. >> weeks, months. >> bill: so he could be sitting there for weeks to set on
8:40 pm
healthcare if you are democrat. >> if you are a republican you say qualified means you just have to show age and citizenship and that is easy. i think the truth lies some where in between. >> take it to the judge. >> bill: do you think that could happen? >> that is the pattern and practice these days. >> bill: people get real mad if that happens. >> and the question of credibility and legitimacy. what are they going to lose to try to push? through fence the will of the people, assuming brown gets in. >> bill: that would be one big mess and have to go to the supreme court of massachusetts. they are pin heads, we know who they are. and have to go to the u.s. supreme court and. we are not going to take in any further but you swear, you swear that this is vague and you don't know. >> it is vague. >> bill: all right. >> it is vague. >> bill: and you are back. >> and one little tid bit which is if brown wins tomorrow he starts getting paid as a senator. >> bill: he might be getting paid tomorrow because there is
8:41 pm
21% of the vote in and brown is ahead by 8 now. by 7 i'm sorry, i can't even add. but he is ahead and there we go. aclu, guilfoyle. >> yes. >> bill: wants to know everything that we do in the war on terror. doesn't want any secrets and wants al-qaeda to know anything. i think they should open a little office up in torah borah so they don't have to go through the media and they can talk to osama bin laden face to face. >> hang their shingle there. >> bill: they want to know why we fire drones, where, who gives the orders and all that, correct? >> the whole thing they filed through the freedom of information act they want obama to tell them everything in terms of civilian casualties and our criteria. >> bill: who gives the order. >> what are the criteria for deciding this. >> this is fool hardy and dangous and jeopardizes our international security and couldn't be allowed. >> bill: could we have a predator drone, a hellfire missile on the aclu
8:42 pm
headquarters? would that be overdoing that? >> that would be overdoing. >> bill: i am not calling for that. >> but they are filing the motion so they would know about it ahead of time. >> bill: they want it but it will probably be quarterbacked as they say. >> and they are questioning the legitimacy of the predator drone strikes. >> bill: they don't want any of that. >> but this is a war on terror. >> and there is an executive order saying that these are okay. >> are okay. >> bill: now, david letterman is the victim of an extortion plot as you may know and the guy who did it a former cbs employee wanted to get the case thrown out. what happened there? >> well, the judge did the right thing and said no, i'm going let this go to a jury because there are issues of fact that a jury has to decide. the only way the judge could have thrown the indictment out is if the judge said there are no factual issues here at all, there are legal issues which i decide against you defendant or against you, letterman and that
8:43 pm
didn't happen. >> bill: the genesis of the case guilfoyle is that this guy walked up to letterman in some capacity and said pay me millions of dollars or i will wrong the book or whatever the screen play is that says you did a bunch of stuff with your employees? >> what he should have done is got an attorney and presented this as a business proposal. things like this happen every day. >> bill: you mean not extorting him. >> the guy is an idiot. >> bill: he is. >> the judge made the right call and said as a matter of law the case will stand and the indictment holds up. >> bill: let the jury decide. but is it is a big mess. >> exactly. >> in massachusetts, 18-year-old girl, oution popular girl, partying with her friends and they are drinking shots and everything else and she gets bombed. there is the girl with her mom. this is in a suburb of massachusetts. she says i have to go home. she, too drunk to know what she is doing and her friends steer her into a swamp and she
8:44 pm
drowns, correct? >> they didn't quite steer her into the swamp. they suggested maybe go home that way. >> bill, they were all drunk. >> bill: i said they steer her into a swamp and you said they didn't, they pointed her into a swamp. >> bill: like go over there and there is water? the swamp. that is not good. >> but they will not be held liable. >> bill: don't get out in front of us. the mother, the girls drowns she is intoxicated and she drowns and the mother says i'm going to sue those kids who directed my intoxicated daughter into a swamp. >> there was no quote unquote duty of care from one teenager to another. coming down to steering versus hey, why don't you go over there, there is a swamp. >> there is a case against adults. there was a mother involved who let the kid issues drink at her house. >> bill: a civil suit but no criminal. >> many states have upheld
8:45 pm
this, wisconsin, new jersey, michigan, the supreme court. >> bill: thanks very much. interest we have new numbers here. 25% of the vote counted. brown 52, congressly 47. shaping up. in a moment, we will go back to where the very important votes are being counted as this special edition of "the factor" continues. ÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷
8:46 pm
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8:48 pm
>> bill: back of the book segment tonight. let's go up to boston where we have two savvy political experts standing by. the new numbers, 29% of the vote counted. brown 53 and coakley 47. howie karr and mary ann marsh is a democratic strategist. i think brown now based upon this showing will win the election. am i wrong? >> no, can't say that you are, bill, if these numbers hold certainly not. looks like that is the trend and brown may pull it out tonight. >> bill: are you going to cry, mary ann? >> not on tv. >> bill: afterwards though. you are an old friend and we went to school together. i don't want you to cry. are you okay? >> i am. it is disappointing to see coakley lose. >> bill: you are a friend of
8:49 pm
hers, right? >> i do, i know her and i'm very impress the with her and when you win a four way race against a sitting congressman and multimillion air and founder of city by 19 points you can't say she -- this will send a message out to every democrat, especially in 2010. >> bill: how do you see it, howe which? >> it as big victory for scott brown. the turnout at 6 time was only 33% in the suburbs. it was twice, sometimes up to 75%. in boston, it was the white wards that were turning out, not the minority wards. barack obama did not produce in his visit on sunday. the other thing is mary ann, you know john walch is the chairman of the state democratic party from abington. have you seen the numbers from abbeton? >> no, i haven't. >> 66-34 for welsh's hometown.
8:50 pm
those are the kind of numbers being piled up in the suburbs. this is a total frias co-for the democrats. >> bill: are you 100% sure? can you call the race? >> i can call the race. >> bill: if you are wrong will you throw yourself in the charles river? >> like bill weld, i will throw myself in the charles river. >> bill: how long have i known you, since you were eight years old. >> a long time. >> bill: and you know the town and know the state. how dividend ie karr on the record saying that brown wins, it as look. before i came on the air, somebody handed me a salinda lake internet thing. did you see that, the pollster? >> i heard about that. >> bill: i read this thing and went whoa she is attacking the white house already and the polls aren't even closed yet. >> and the dnc. >> bill: and that told me that their internal polling said
8:51 pm
its' over even before the polls closed. did you get that impression, mary ann? >> i didn't get an impression until -- i think it was close all day and they started even this morning. as the day went on, 4:00 to 8:00, a big turnout time in massachusetts. as that period went on surly in boston where the votes did not turn out there for martha coakley. i think the big lesson to be taken from this is the fact that unenrolled voters clearly went to brown and left obama as well. that s the drop if his polls. look at this country and the democrats up in the senate and up in the house, 49 of them in districts that mccain won, unless you with win them back, win the unenrolled voters back who clearly want change and they want change and want it faster and a different kind of change and it will be tough. >> sounds like healthcare is dead mary ann.
8:52 pm
>> probably. >> bill: 52% brown and 47 coakley. it is a five point spread. the one thing if you were to say, pull one issue off that teed off, massachusetts people, what was it? >> healthcare. overwhelmingly. everything else was secondary. >> bill: they don't like the massachusetts healthcare deal that they have now? they don't like that? >> they don't want any changes in their healthcare period. they're concerned they are going to pay higher taxes. the old people are concerned about the medicare cuts. the people with the good healthcare policies which is most of the state they don't want to pay the so-called cadillac tax. the young people don't want to pay a fine for not buying any health insurance. that adds up to 80% of the people i would say are very unhappy with the changes. >> bill: healthcare sunk coakley if, indeed, she losses. >> bill: i think so. >> and if she loses i will have camera crews out there jumping into the river tomorrow.
8:53 pm
mary ann, w i'm concerned about you. are you okay? we will get yew therapist if you need it. >> i'm fine. >> i'm i kay, too, what about me. >> bill: nobody cares about you, howie. everybody wants to see you jump in the charles river tomorrow and freeze your butt off. that is what we want to see. >> thank you. pinheads & patriots up next starring the liberal media and jennifer lopez. wait until you hear what jennifer is doing, whoa. right back with it. ( inspiring music playing ) someday, the driver will get to choos how efficient or powerful their car will be. the first ever hs hybrid. only from lexus. the most fuel-efficient of all luxury vehicles.
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8:55 pm
. bill: time for pinheads and patriots. as we know most journalists are liberal people. mika said this: >> work in the mainstream media for all the networks and i will say what people aren't saying. it's got a liberal world view. there are great people working
8:56 pm
at the networks and they are mostly democrats, okay. bill: okay for being honest she is a patriot. jennifer lopez took a shot at stand-up comedy last night. >> this week, sarah palin, -- made her first appearance as a fox news contributor and after she said it whats a great experience for her, because around here i'm only the fifth or sixth craziest person. [ applause ] bill: the spanish she said was the b-word for miss palin, not funny jennifer. go back to the little disco deal that you did pin held? i believe so of the show at the pasadena center february 13th sold out in an hour we are adding a second show, beck is thrilled. there's bold fresh gear if you want some of that go to
8:57 pm
billo' thanks to you guys buying so much. if you want the pasadena show it is laura: i'm disappointed that less than half of those in the bill o'reilly poll said they will donate even $10 will mack a difference. a lot of people are unemployed and don't have the money to donate. roger: mr. o'reilly, what you say has impact american workers should be hired to rebuild haiti. good idea and i'm watching it closely roger but you have to hire some haitians as well. george: criticism on left towards coverage is absurd these people are blathers. right you are the far left is panicking that's what this is all about. don: we applaud the u.s.a.'s quick
8:58 pm
response not quiet to haiti but would like to point out that canada is also committing millions of dollars and thousands of troops. i appreciate you reminding us about that don, canada is doing a good job. colleen: you are correct bill boston globe played down the first poll that had scott brown in the lead. i cancelled my subscription. dave: i've lived in the state all my life the boston globe has always been bias in supporting the democratic party. mike: my 10-year-old son saw a trailer for the bold fresh show he asked if we could go he said he would pay his own way. very brilliant boy. i'm glad the trailer didn't scare him. hope you guys have a time saturday, january 30th. a list of the movie theaters showing the bold fresh show is posted on same with the pasadena show.
8:59 pm
we hope to see you. tyler: i'm 13, i learned a lot from reading bold fresh. excellent tyler, reading books will benefit you greatly in your life. go to e-mail us pithy comments. name a town if you wish to opine. when writing to us do not be a blatherscipe. out of massachusetts the numbers, there's the board brown 53, coakley 47. looks like brown's got it. i'm bill o'reilly, hope to see you again next time. remember the spin stops right here we are looking out for you!

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